Dental Fees

Please find as follows our price guide. An accurate quote will be provided after an examination to determine what treatment is needed.

Private Fee Guide

New Patient Examination/Assessment & Advice: 
Routine Examination:
X-rays each
Temporary Filling/Dressing/Other:

Route Canal Treatment (Endodontics)
Endodontic Consultation with Dr Ramandeep Marway, MSc Lond Endodontics (UCL Eastman):
*Cost deducted on start of treatment

Incisor and Canine:
Re-root Treatment:

Restorative Treatments
White Fillings depending on size:
Silver Amalgam Fillings depending on size:
Metal Crown:
Porcelain-Fused-to Metal Crown:
All Porcelain Crown/Veneer:
Core Build-Up and/or Post:
Conventional Bridge per unit:

Premium Brand: Enlighten Teeth Whitening System:
Premium Brand: Enlighten To-Up Refill Syringe Carbamide-Peroxide Gels:
Boutique Teeth Whitening Home Kit with Four Syringes of Carbamide-Peroxide Gels:
Boutique Top-Up Refill Syringe Carbamide-Peroxide Gel:

Invisalign: OFFER (Includes free Home Whitenting and one pair of removable retainers):
Vivera Retainer by Invisalign (Set of 3 pairs):
Fixed retainer (per arch):
Removable Essix retainer (per arch):

Tooth Removal
Oral Surgery Consultation with Dr Sara Jafarizadeh, MSc Lond Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (UCL):
* Cost deducted on start of treatment
Extraction (depending on complexity):

Hygiene and Preventative Therapy
Hygiene Services:
Airflow Treatment:
* If more extensive cleaning is needed requiring further visits there will be an additional charge

Flexible Arcrylic:

Implant Crown:

Please note that all fees shown are subject to findings at time of examination and procedure

From £80


From £390
From £490
From £570
£POA (Case Dependent)

From £100
From £75
From £400
From £550
From £650
From £180
From £400




£150 - £300

From £55 per 25 mins
£75 per 25 mins

From £500 per arch
From £650 per arch
From £800 per arch

£POA (Case Dependent)


NHS Charges

NHS dental care is charged in 3 bands according to complexity

At present NHS charges are:


• Band 1: £23.80 • Band 2: £65.20 • Band 3: £282.80


Your dentist will advise you of which band is applicable to you. Some NHS patients are entitled to full or partial exemption of NHS charges. Please contact us if you need more information.


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